About Crimpmaster

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Equipment

Crimpmaster Swage or Crimp machines are precision machines for the permanent attachment of hose fittings to hose

Precision machines for the production of all types of hose assemblies from 1/8” to 14”

Crimpmaster swage and crimp machines are universal, can be used on all types of hose and fittings.

Manufactured from steels with high alloying compounds and subjected to new surface treatments that will provide the owner many years of trouble-free operation.

The machines are designed with a large aperture enabling ease of use with swept bent hose fittings.

Our range starts with machines designed for people on the move, weighing less than 25Kg it can be carried to any job for a quick and efficient repair.

The other end of the scale we have machines to swage very large industrial hoses for the oil and gas industry plus many special applications.

Crimpmaster’s pledge is to supply quality, trouble-free machines at affordable prices

Check out our range and if you don’t see the one for you or need advice contact us for the best range, best advice, and a competitive price.

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